Our suitcase passes all the same quality tests of polluting plastic suitcases with flying colours – but does so using sustainable, natural materials.

We know how important durability is in luggage – so we use only the best of the best components. Our wheels are from the highest quality Japanese manufacturer. Our zippers are from renowned manufacturers known for their durability. Our leather is full-grain and chosen for its thickness.

To put our words into action, we put our products to the test.


The KIN CARRY-ON is loaded with 16 kg and placed inside a rotating chamber full of obstacles designed to maximize high drops and hard impacts – simulating rough handling during transport.

Our CARRY-ON passes with flying colours.


A load of up to 25 kg is placed inside the case, with an additional 7 kg of weight on the telescopic handle. The suitcase is angled at 45° and rolled at a speed of 4 km/h on a specialized treadmill with bumps to simulate uneven terrain. This test is run for the equivalent of 32 km.

This bag can travel a lifetime.


The suitcase is loaded with up to 25 kg, and suspended in the air by the telescopic handle. It is lifted, dropped, and then suddenly stopped by the telescopic handle after freefalling a specified distance.

This cycle is repeated 300 times.


The suitcase is loaded with up to 25 kg and placed with all four wheels in contact with two rollers spinning at a speed equivalent to 4 km/h. The rollers have bumps to simulate uneven terrain.

This test is run for the equivalent of 32 km.


The suitcase is stored at -12°C for 4 hours before testing, and then loaded with up to 25 kg inside. It is then dropped on each surface, edge, and corner from a height of 90 cm.

This bag survives even the toughest travels.


Our ultra-strength, double-coil zipper is placed in a pulling machine to test its resilience to wear and tear.

We run 2.000 cycles to be sure it will never break.

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PROJECTKIN’s philosophy is to create the better alternative if no completely sustainable solution can be found. Our carry on products are the most sustainable hard cover luggage every created and avoids the use of 3 kilograms of plastics for each unit produced. Although we have innovated the use of materials in luggage, it is currently not possible to create durable products without the use of plastics for wheels. Our aim to is to continue to push the boundaries as much as possible and constantly look for new innovative ways to do even better, for the good of our planet.

The majority of materials used in our products are biodegradable. Some components are not biodegradable (e.g. metal trims, aluminium frames, and plastic handles), because no biodegradable alternative of high enough quality exist. We are however constantly trying to innovate and improve our products to be even more sustainable. If you have an idea for how to make our products more sustainable, then we love to hear your suggestion at

In consultation with environmental experts, we don’t recommend sending back the product and spending the resources associated with shipping. Truth is, if you have a plastic suitcase, there are really no good options in recycling it. We recommend using the parts if you can – disassemble the product if you and use it for good – build your neighbour’s kid a go cart or use the shell as a tray. See what works. If nothing else, please dispose of your old suitcase at the local garbage dump, who will have sorting for plastics. Ultimately, your old luggage is likely incinerated and a new one is produced, which is why our planet is where it is.

We believe traveling is inevitable, whether it is for business or pleasure. However, this is not an excuse for the emissions it produces. Although people will always travel, and hopefully one day technology will allow us to do so in a carbon neutral way, we should look to minimise emissions and footprint in any way. And while we love traveling, we do not love flying. We try to do everything locally and work across borders digitally. If we have to travel, we prefer trains, bikes and electric cars..

Our packaging philosophy is “less is more”. When developing our products, we seek to pack our products with no plastics involved, and as little wrapping paper and carton as possible. Our shipping cartons are all genuine FSC certified and either recycled or mixed cardboard from responsible sources. Our wrapping paper and hangtags are made of a blend of hemp and recycled wooden paper. This is as strong and sustainable material. We only use soy ink when printing. We only use sea or train transportation when shipping goods from manufacturer to our global distribution centre, which are the most sustainable logistical options available today. Let’s get solar powered planes and vessels please!

Our company is committed to avoiding and addressing adverse impacts on the basic principles for social, environmental, and economic development that we cause, contribute, or are linked to via our business relationships. We have implemented Code of Conduct (CoC) with our suppliers to ensure they demonstrate responsible business conduct. The scope of minimum requirements is based on the 10 general principles of the UN Global Compact and the CoC is also aligned with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (the UNGP’s). Our CoC has been developed by Dansk Mode & Textil and is as such an industrial standard CoC widely used by Scandinavian companies around the world.

KIN Luggage Our shell is made from an innovative, environmentally friendly flax material. No one has ever applied this material for suitcases, saving approx. 3 kg of plastic per suitcase. To make the product last, we use the highest quality components we can find – and that requires us to choose components not yet made from sustainable materials. These include Japanese-made wheels from PET, zippers made from alloys, and trolley handles made from recycled aluminium and plastic. We will continue to improve and pioneer new materials, but are proud to be the better alternative to anything else out there today. KIN Bags We use hemp for our bags because it is nature’s most environmentally friendly way of producing a long-lasting and beautiful fabric. To preserve the product and make sure it lasts, we have chosen to use leather. Our leather is full grain vegetable tanned. The moment a true substitute that provides the same strength and durability as real leather emerges; we will start using it.

Being sustainable is one of the cornerstones at PROJECTKIN and something we strive for every day in every decision we make. At PROJECTKIN we think sustainability throughout the entire value chain. Read more here.


Yes, we use some chemicals in our manufacturing. However, PROJECTKIN is committed to operating its business in an environmentally safe and sustainable manner to protect the consumer, the worker, the environment, and the brand. We have developed our own RESTRICTED SUBSTANCES LIST (RSL) which is an integral part of this commitment. The compliance guidelines are intended to help users understand and comply with the RSL requirements. The RSL is shared with all suppliers – both factories producing finished products and suppliers of raw materials and components used to produce PROJECTKIN’s products. The requirements in our RSL are in accordance with current national legislation and EU legislation, which includes the REACH legislation and voluntary eco-labelling schemes. The requirements reflect an awareness of how chemicals affect human health, the environment and the constantly increasing quality demands of consumers. We require our suppliers and partners to study this document carefully and implement processes in their supply chain to comply with these requirements. Our RSL is shared with all upstream users in the supply chain, both factories producing finished products and suppliers of raw materials, components and chemicals. PROJECTKIN requires that all suppliers comply with REACH and continuously follow the updates on the website of the European Chemical Agency (ECHA). Due to national legislations in some countries where we are selling our products, the limits in PROJECTKIN’s RSL are, in some cases stricter than in REACH.

Yes, you are more than welcome to discuss and/or place a corporate order with us. Please send us an email at and we will get in touch with you.

Yes, our carry-on luggage, weekend bag, and tote bag all meet the size requirements set by most airlines. There is, however, no size standards and you should always check with the specific airline before your travels.

To set your personal combination, follow these steps:

Adjust the dials to the preset code 000Press down the Reset Button with a narrow toolHold the Reset Button down and adjust the dials to your desired personal combination (for example 8-8-8)Release the Reset Button. Your personal combination is now setTo change your combination again, adjust dials to your existing combination, then repeat step 2 through 4

Please note that once you set your lock, no one else will know how to get into your bag including us. We suggest emailing the combination to yourself, tucking it into your passport, or saving it under a contact in your phone, anything to make sure you don’t lock yourself out.

While organic cotton is produced without the use of pesticides, it still requires a lot of water and land to grow compared to hemp. Furthermore, organic cotton depletes the soil of nutrients much quicker than hemp and is a lot less durable. All in all hemp is a lot more environmentally friendly than organic cotton.

We have spent more than 2 years on perfecting this material and the suitcase design. During this period, we have done extensive testing to make sure that this revolutionary and yet organic material can match its fossil-based big brother, the conventional plastic suitcase. Our suitcase has been tested in more than 10 rigorous tests at a certified third-party test institute. Our test institute even conducted an insane throwing test with a fully packed suitcase. All tests prove that we have developed an organic and environmental material that performs according to the highest industry standards of traditional plastic suitcase. Be sure we would travel anywhere with our suitcase!

Water-resistant, but not 100% waterproof! Our hemp and linen fabrics are treated with a renewable sourced, non-fluorinated, durable water repellent finish. We are proud to partner with Teflon EcoElite™, the world’s first plant-based textile repellent. Overall, while we wouldn’t recommend taking them swimming, you’ll be totally fine if you ever find yourself caught in the rain! The suitcase will dry out nicely afterwards.

Leather is used on some of our products to create a high quality product that will last for a long time, limiting the need to buy new products. Also, all our leather is vegetable-tanned. Vegetable tanning uses organic material and natural tannins derived from the barks, leaves and branches of trees and plants. This is a much more environmentally friendly way of creating leather than Chrome Tanning, which is the common way of tanning leather, where harsh chemicals are used. Some natural marks or genuine irregularities in the leather may show through. Over time, this delicate leather, which is sensitive to scratches, will acquire a beautiful patina. Due to the vegetable tanning process, please note that dark leather contact with lighter materials may result in rub off. Discolouration due to moisture, rain or water may occur.

We have chosen to use plastic wheels on our suitcase, as currently no sustainable alternative of high enough quality exist. Our wheels are from Japanese manufacturer Hinomoto and of the highest possible quality. This ensures that they will last a long time, giving your product a longer life.

To preserve the product and make sure it lasts, we have chosen to use full-grain leather, vegetable tanned animal leather. We have made this choice to ensure durability, as a critical part of sustainability is ensuring long lifetimes of the products we use. The moment a true substitute that provides the same strength and durability as animal leather emerges, we will start using it. All of the hides that go into our leather come from cattle that have been bred for other purposes than creating leather, e.g., dairy cattle.

We source our material from the places where they are naturally grown. That means we get our flax from the fields in Normandy, France, we get hemp from fields in China and vegetable tanned leather from France. That means we have to move our material to assemble our products. More than 90% of all suitcases sold globally are assembled in China. That is why they are the best to do the job. We have carefully chosen our partners, who we believe are the best in creating long lasting products. We work constantly to reduce our footprint – for now our suppliers are certified, we use no plastic packaging, we only ship to our distribution centre by sea and rail and we keep pushing the bar to find new sustainable materials in production. We continue to explore new ways to find the better alternative and reduce the impact on the environment.

Shipping & Returns

All customers who are based in the European Union are more than welcome to return products to us free of charge within 365 days from the day of purchase. We will of course cover the shipping return costs. All you need to do is send us an email at and we will start the return process. For all customers outside the European Union, shipping return cost will be deducted from your refund.

We ship to any official address in the European Union free of charge with standard shipment. For orders to the USA and Canada we ship free of charge for any orders with a minimum of 100 USD and 100 EUR, respectively. For addresses outside these countries we charge a shipping fee, the amount depends on the country and the size of the order.

Waiting for something can be incredibly hard… we know! We try our best to deliver our products to you as quickly as possible. Specific delivery times will vary from one country to the other. If you would like us to ship to an address within a European country it will typically take 2-5 business days. For countries outside of Europe it will typically take 4-8 days, depending on the country.

Being travelers by heart we believe in expanding horizons and crossing borders, we therefore offer shipping to any official address in the world.

Product Care

PLA/Flax (KIN Carry-on) For the suitcase shell, clean the exterior shell using a soft, damp cloth, and mild soap. It is an organic material so avoid any harsh detergents or abrasive materials to keep the shell looking like new. If your suitcase has become wet, open it and just let it dry up. It will turn back to the original look and feel quickly. Hemp & Linen Bags For bags in hemp and linen, spot clean with damp cloth and gentle soap. Avoid abrasive surfaces as snagging, pilling and tearing will occur. Your hemp and linen fabrics are treated with a renewable sourced, non-flourinated, durable water repellent finish called Teflon EcoElite™. This superior water repellency will last for at very long time. We don’t recommend you wash your hemp bags either by hand or in machine. For your linen bags, you may hand wash them in cold or lukewarm water. To prevent colour transfer, rubbing and crocking issues may occur on our dark coloured fabrics. Leather Trimmings The leather we have selected is naturally vegetable-tanned, which means it develops and absorbs traces of wear over time. As it is an untreated leather, it requires a higher protection than other leathers. Our advice would be to not use any conditioners that contain lanolin, and if you do need to treat it, use a transparent, wax-free leather conditioner oil and a soft white cloth with natural fibers. Please note that this will likely change the color of your leather.


For all luggage, bags, and accessories we offer a 2-year warranty covering all components including wheels, trolley, handles, and locks. For further information please visit our warranty page.

We are incredibly sorry to hear that your product broke! We would love to make up for it by repairing it for you as soon as possible. We want you to keep your product for life. All you need to do is send us an email at and we will start the return process.