PROJECTKIN was made to create iconic travel products by combining the Nordic design philosophy with sustainable materials to address the urgent need to reduce the environmental impact of traveling.

We live out our purpose by working with iconic designers to create products from never-seen-before materials that are completely natural, yet perform as well - or better - than conventional, polluting plastics and cotton-based products.


Our cause is to encourage and inspire others to make more sustainable decisions in their everyday. We call it sustainable conduct.

By creating high quality, aesthetically beautiful products that are made to last, we believe people will seek away from the culture of overconsumption and truly appreciate the possessions they have.

We wanted to bring this idea of mindful consumption to the travel world by contributing with a better alternative. We will not solve our world's sustainability challenges, but we hope to help push the bar.


Travelling will always present a paradox to those who want to care for the planet. We are all explorers who want to see the world, but travelling is a major source of carbon emissions. In this reality, we must make our footprint minimal. PROJECTKIN is a movement in response to this paradox. We want to create better alternatives for the mindful traveler. We do this by using materials that replace plastics, by making products made to last and by creating design that becomes even more beautiful with use.Our mantra is ‘TRAVEL MINDFULLY’. While we cannot travel without a footprint, we can all do our part to protect the planet. That means using the better alternative where we can – whether it is transport, luggage or food, we believe in a world where travel is still a source of happiness for us all while done in a environmentally conscious way. Our beliefs are backed by action. We spent 3 years experimenting and perfecting the use natural materials for luggage – and we have created the first product in the world that avoids use of pollutive plastics for hard-case luggage. We hope to inspire the luggage industry to follow our lead.


PROJECTKIN is a Nordic brand founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2017 with an ambition to change the game in the luggage industry by setting a higher standard for sustainability, quality and design. We believe that by creating the better alternative we can continue to push the bar in terms of sustainability and by creating beautiful products that are made to last and loved by the people who use them, we change how people think about their travel products.