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When in Budapest, you are always only a few steps away from a beautiful café. You turn every corner to a new street filled with beautiful architecture, cozy restaurants, and contemporary boutiques. The city draws you in with open arms and is most definitely worth visiting.

Where to Stay in Budapest 

 Budapest has a wide selection of beautiful boutique hotels and some bigger ones too, you can find many online, and if you choose one near the centrum, you can walk around easily. We opted for an apartment rented through Airbnb. It can be a bit of a hit or miss, but by simply looking through the recommendations, you get a pretty clear image of what to expect. We found an inexpensive one in the centrum, it was clean and cozy, and we enjoyed the stay. 

Tip: Flight arrival times can be unpredictable, so I suggest searching places that use key-boxes, which allows for late check-in times.  

How to Get Around in Budapest

Upon arrival we decided to take a taxi, we paid 7000HUF from the airport to centrum. There are also different shuttle bus options for which you can buy tickets at the airport once you have arrived. 

We got around by simply walking, it was easy, and we didn't really find the need for public transportation. We did walk through the underground and wouldn't recommend it as it did feel a bit unsafe. So if need be, I would recommend taking a taxi.

Where to Eat in Budapest

The food in Budapest was nothing short of amazing! You will not be disappointed if you appreciate stunning interior and delicious food but affordable prices.  

Marty's Kitchen & Bar 

Address: Vörösmarty tér 5. 

The beautiful restaurant with its insta-friendly pink retro-inspired interior has a good selection of different meals.


Address: Dob Utca 5. 

A meal I won't forget anytime soon is how I best describe the food at Dobrumba. Their middle east inspired shareable dishes and stunning interior, not to mention their homemade lemonade, are all part of why this is a favorite of the locals and visitors.

Café Babart

Address: Kerület Rumbach Sebestyén utca 3. 

Café Babart was one place we walked by every day, and one hungry morning we decided to go there for breakfast. The coconut porridge with berries was one for the books. The perfect way to start your morning. The prices were about half the other cafes, but it was the best breakfast we had on the trip, and the staff was super sweet.


Address: Erzébet körút 13. 

Horizont is a superb restaurant across the street from the famous New York Café. They made a lovely cup of coffee, and it is an excellent place for a break from the hassle of the city.

Cinema Sushi Bar

Address: kerület Corvin köz 2. 

Cinema Sushi Bar is a hidden gem, with four small tables. It is a perfect lunch spot, and the sushi is simple but super fresh and tasty. The price was a lot less than the Sushi prices you usually see.

Jamie’s Pizzeria Gozsdu

Address: Király utca 13. 

The famous Jamie Oliver's Pizzeria Gozsdu restaurant is the dream of any pizza/pasta lover. It is a pretty touristy restaurant, but a fun visit.

Where to Shop in Budapest

Bookshops on Wheels 

You can find these beautiful bookshops on wheels at different locations around the city. We didn't get anything ourselves but saw many who used them. 

They are yet another example of why we found Budapest a pretty quaint and friendly city to visit.

Csendes Concept Store 

 Address: Magyar Utca 18 

This charming shop is filled with unique, handmade pieces, including artwork, ceramics, and jewelry. You can browse for a while as there is a lot to see. There is even a section with bread and some other edible items!

Humana Second Hand

Address: Multiple locations. 

If you enjoy secondhand shopping, the Humana shops are the perfect places to go and explore. It was like stepping into a treasure box.


 Address: vitkovics utca 7. 

A great shop with handmade home items from various artists. It is an excellent place to find affordable but unique presents for you and your loved ones.

What to Do in Budapest

New York Café 

 If you google "what to do in Budapest," the New York Café will surely be on the list. It is very touristy and almost always filled with people. It is an ancient building with a lot of artwork and details. 

If you want a table, booking beforehand is a must.

Central Market

Like many other European cities, Budapest has a Central Market filled with small vendors selling delicious fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, and much more.

Urban Lobby

If you need to get some work done while visiting the city, Urban Lobby is the place to go. It is a co-working environment and costs 5 euros for a full day pass. This includes snacks and drinks, and there is even a shower. 

The interior is simple and has a lot of different seating areas. They also have a luggage storage area.

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